Python binaries for Solaris, HP-UX

Paul Moore pf_moore at
Sun Sep 19 14:34:38 CEST 2004

Mathias Waack <M.Waack at> writes:

> Paul Moore wrote:
>>> HP offers precompiled packages of free software at the DSPP pages:
>> That installs to /usr/local, unfortunately. As I said, I need
>> something that will install as an unprivileged user 
> If you take a closer look you will see, that the HP packages can be
> unpacked anywhere. Its just a little more work then using the
> installer. 

I apologise for being dense here - as I said, I am not familiar with
Unix admin (I'm an Oracle DBA, in fact). I checked the Python package
linked to from that site, which takes me to the HP-UX porting and
archive centre. The binary distribution is a compressed depot file,
which isn't a format I'm familiar with, but the FAQ states:

5.5 What do I do with SD 11.X depot packages?
You can either install software onto your system using swinstall(1M),
or you can redistribute the software using swcopy(1M) and others may
then install the software directly from your machine. Both actions
require root access.

I searched the FAQ on that site, and can see nothing about installing
as a non-root user.

> BTW I'm working for company which solved this problem by allowing
> everybody to write to /usr/local. 
> BTW2 I do not working as a system administrator for this company;)

Ah - an enlightened company :-) Unfortunately, I'm working for a
company that does 3rd party support for *other* companies. By the
time you have 2 layers of admin and "security" rules in place, you're
lucky if you can get access to ksh... :-(

I really don't want to write our admin scripts in Perl, just because
it comes preinstalled :-(

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