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Ville Vainio ville at spammers.com
Wed Sep 22 06:46:37 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Green <cmg at dok.org> writes:

    Chris> http://cedet.sourceforge.net/semantic.shtml is a project
    Chris> working on the backend parsing to be able to be at the
    Chris> point where that context sensitive dynamic completions can
    Chris> happen ( well, as well as they could in python ).

Are they really considering doing this properly for Python? I haven't
even got it running properly with C++, but that might be because I've
tried to do it in xemacs. Python should be viable for context
sensitive dynamic completion via type inference, it's just that it's a
lot of work, work that probably has zero chance of getting done within
the cedet project that is resource starved anyway.

That's the whole problem with emacs - lack of resources. Nobody
bothers do anything "seriously". And when people within the emacs
community do things they pick bizarre ways of doing things, possibly
because they are often Lisp lovers that like to "think different". And
stubborn ones at that.

    Chris> I love emacs though I keep thinking one day that eclipse
    Chris> will take over and would love for there to be an emacslike
    Chris> engine on top of eclipse to access use
    Chris> customizations/keybindings etc.

Eclipse will no doubt take over. I'm a long time emacs user and a fan,
but both the emacs projects seem to have stagnated, and part of the
problem is that there are two of them. Emacs might need a fresh start,
but it's hardly likely; most probably a new project would be seen as
further dillution of already scarce emacs resources.

Luckily we emacs fans still have hope in eclipse - what needs to be
implemented is a Jython API that allows customization of eclipse in
the way elisp works for emacs. Eclipse has broad industry support and
a fair share of enthusiasm working for it, while emacs just doesn't
seem to be what kids like to hack anymore.

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