python vs c#

julio julioperezsosa at
Mon Sep 20 03:13:39 CEST 2004

Istvan Albert wrote:

> go away, troll

Nice argument.

And my the facts are not just about ides, as i mentioned in the original
mail. Is people so close minded to resist change ? things change , is
human's nature to resist the change. 

But am i lying? am i missing something ? is python just suited for small
system programing scripts ? why does gnome team doesnt even bother to
consider python as an option, but considers java just because eclipse?,39020384,39166682,00.htm

what about google ?

what about sourceforge ?

But why so much resistence to the change ? is the denyal of reality fine?
why dont you care? i wouldnt care if i used python for small system

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