Math errors in python

Michel Claveau - abstraction méta-galactique non triviale en fuite perpétuelle. unseulmcmcmcmc at msupprimerlepoint.claveauPOINTcom
Sat Sep 18 22:58:13 CEST 2004

Hi !

BCD (english) ==> DCB (french)

And Alcyane-basic run, in 1976, with floating-based-DCB-arithmétique, on the
8080, before than IEEE normalize the floating-arithmétique-pow(256)-based
(and longer before Ada).

And DCB is native in all Intel processors.

And before, when i use Fortran on mini-computer, there was no this problem.
But, then it's very much easy to work with pow(256),  And the anscendant
compatibility become...  Hélas.

*sorry for my bad english*

Michel Claveau

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