open and shut case

Mario Berger no_damned_spam at
Sun Sep 12 21:08:07 CEST 2004

>> PS. these days, your subject line sounds distinctly spammish
>> (especially since it's a woman posting the message to a
>> comp. newsgroup -- how likely can that be? ;-)
> What the .... ??! Was that supposed to be funny?  The smiley
> suggests you thought it was.  It isn't.  It's crude and rude.
>                 Andrew

Cut him some slack, he may be really battered by spam and kinda 
sensitive on the issue ;)


Top-Bottom Programming never gets you where you wanted to go.
Bottom-Top Programming gets you where you never wanted to go.

while not life:
   sleep((sleep.normal_time - 5h)); eat(mode=fast); pc_mainloop()

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