file access in jythonc

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Wed Sep 1 23:14:28 CEST 2004

Alan Kennedy <alanmk at> wrote in message news:<iQkZc.26276$Z14.8357 at>...
> [John Howard]
> > So does that mean that a jre does not have to be on the local pc?
> No: there *must* be a JRE on the local PC: how could the java/jython run 
> at all without an execution environment?
> The JRE on the local PC is the very thing that is preventing you from 
> reading files from local drives.
> If you want to, you can permit any and all applet to load files from 
> your local drive. In Internet Explorer, select 
> "Tools->Options"->Security->Custom Level->Microsoft VM->Java 
> Permissions->Custom->Java Custom Settings.
> In that control panel you can disable all of the protections that your 
> browser puts in place to protect you from hostile applets on the 
> Internet at large. Feel free to dismantle those security barriers, at 
> your own risk: by doing so you're opening the contents of your hard-disk 
> to the world. I Hope you're not storing any private or sensitive 
> information on there.
> > The local pc does not have to set policies, etc. 
> No, that's precisely where you set policies. Where else could they be set?
> Alternatively, as others have pointed out multiple times, you can 
> digitally sign your applets so that they can be recognized and thus 
> given more permissions than unknown applets.
I said jre, but meant jvm. But your answer is revealing also! From
what you are saying, it is NOT possible to have a html page that can
access a local file unless at least a jre is present. Again, not good.
I think I'll just write the whole project in C. Forget jython!

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