explainations about standard library and modules in Python.

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"Hung ho" <hung ho at rogers.com> wrote in message news:<URJZc.172448$UTP.96931 at twister01.bloor.is.net.cable.rogers.com>...
>    My question is that, can anyone recommend me any book, or online 
> materials that could explain what the functions some of the modules in 
> the standard library can do that are packaged along with Python v. 
> 2.3.4?. For example, I read some modules such as os.py, sys.py, and 
> random.py The documents in those modules didn't help me to comprehend 
> what the purpose of the modules, and how to use them in Python. What are 
> their functions, and how do I use them.
>    Thank You.

Python in a Nutshell has a nice concise converage of key functions of
a built-in modules including both os.py and sys.py. 'Programming
Python' goes into greater details, gives lots of coding examples.

I agree on-line information you can retrieve with 'help' can be rather
confusing. Doing something like


got me lost in the forest, not seeing the trees. Once again, Python in
a Nutshell has a nice page on random module with a list and short
explanation of key functions. Granted, it mostly duplicates the staff
from help(random), but it lists only those you really need to know to
start using random.

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