File System

Dan Perl dperl at
Wed Sep 1 07:28:56 CEST 2004

I only know that Zope is an application server.  Which part of it is the
model for the object oriented filesystem?  I'm really interested.  Can you
point me to a link?



"Max M" <maxm at> wrote in message news:41345966.3020103 at
> Aaron Bingham wrote:
> > Hello Maboroshi,
> >
> > You are not the first to think that there might be an alternative to the
> > filesystem.  Here are a few links to sites for projects where
> > filesystems have been rethought or eliminated in very different ways.
> > Most of this is unfortunately vaporware.  This is by no means a complete
> No, you forgot
> Especially Zope 3
> This could easily be seen as a model for an object oriented filesystem.
> regards Max M

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