has anyone done a blog or forum engine in python?

Wai Yip Tung tungwaiyip at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 7 18:33:31 CEST 2004

On 6 Sep 2004 05:45:52 -0700, googleboy <mynews44 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hiya.
> I am looking at implementing a blog and a forum for a personal
> website.  I am also beginning to look at growing my programming skills
> from newbie/mediocre to intermedaitely servicable and want to continue
> doing this focussing on python.
> It would be cool to find projects in python with code I can refer to.
> Regards,
> googleboy

My blog [http://tungwaiyip.info/] is built using pyblosxom  
[http://roughingit.subtlehints.net/pyblosxom/]. It is a very small and  
customizable Python library.

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