Using Python to generate code?

Tran Tuan Anh anhtt at
Wed Sep 8 08:51:38 CEST 2004

Dear all:

I need your advice on this matter. I am working on a program which
takes some pieces of System-C code in and generate some other System-C
code. (System-C code is just C++ with some special libraries, hence
you can consider it as C++).

Right now, the generator program is written in C++. And I feel not so
comfortable with C++. I feel C++ is an overkill. Because, I need to
generate some code, hence in the program there are a lot of something
like this:

printf(out, "for (%s = 1, %s < %s, %s < %s )", varName, varName,
varName1, varname, varName2);

It is just too messy if I have more than 20 lines like this.

So my question is: 
1. Can Python help to solve this issue?
2. Does Python has a parser? It seems to me that there is no-standard
Parser for Python right now. If it is the case, can I interface Python
with existing cup and lex?

Many thanks!
Tuan Anh
P/S: Also because it is NO big code generator, it only needs to
generate some simple codes. Hence, using some abstract-syntax-tree
library is also too an overkill.

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