thread execution order

Rembrandt Q Einstein hercules.rockefeller at springfield.??.us
Thu Sep 30 18:55:24 CEST 2004

Axel Mittendorf wrote:
> "Rembrandt Q Einstein" <hercules.rockefeller at springfield.??.us> wrote:
>>You don't need a timer.  Just every time your program tries to write, it
>>first checks the pipe.  If it can write, it does.  If it can't, it
>>buffers until the next time it tries.
> What if there is no "next time". The buffered message might be buffered
> until
> my not yet planned child can program perl (no way, tv is enough)
> or Linux is sold in bottles ;-)
> THX, Axel

Does the pipe eventually close?  Write the rest of the data then.

Otherwise, I like the idea of a single thread that reads a common buffer 
and writes and blocks however much it wants.

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