python.NET vs. IronPython (was: .net and python)

Kyle Yancey kyle at
Sun Sep 5 23:26:01 CEST 2004 is a python extension that allows you to call .net classes
from regular python.  IronPython is a python interpreter coded in
either managed C or C#. (not sure which) That python interpreter not
only has access to .net classes, but runs on top of the .net virtual
machine.  It actually may be slightly faster than CPython since it
uses clr classes which have been heavily optimized. I think it's a
little early to tell about that, but it looks promising.  For right
now, looks to be the moderate course if you just want to
call a few .net classes.

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 13:05:02 +0200, "Guyon Morée"
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>Can anyone tell me the difference between and IronPython?
>"Lawrence Oluyede" <raims at> wrote in message
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>> In data Thu,  2 Sep 2004 18:28:03 +1000, Ajay ha scritto:
>> > Is it possible for me to have part of my application written using
>> > and then have it called from within a Python program.
>> Try Python.NET
>> From there you can access dotNET libraries within a Python program
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