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Robert Brewer wrote:
| Try changing href="" to href="http://www.google.com" and I think you'll
| see you aren't canceling the hyperlink. Even though your onclick event
| may be fired, the hyperlink is still being invoked. Since you left href
| blank, it assumes you want the default page of the root directory, in
| your case, /cgi-bin/, and takes you there. Or tries to. Try this
| instead:
| <th class='head'><a href="javascript:void(sortTable(0))">Rank</a></th>

Hi, all.  I've just started on this list, as I'm learning a little
Python.  I do, however, do a good bit of Javascript work and thought I
would point out something here that's not so obvious if you don't do a
lot of Javascript.

If you set links to call a Javascript function as in the example above,
if Javascript is not enabled, the link will go nowhere.  This may not
bother you the designer, but a user may not know they have javascript
disabled or may be unfamiliar with website conventions.

An easy fix for this, is to specify an actual page (perhaps a page that
says "Sorry, you do not have javascript enabled") and add a return false
attribute.  For example:

<th class='head'><a href="js_disabled.html" onclick="sortTable(0);
return false">Rank</a></th>.

If Javascript is enabled, the link will not call the href, but if it is,
then the user gets a message telling them what went wrong.  Sorry to
derail the Python list for this.

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