Error with output from a variable....

Peter Jensen peterj at
Tue Sep 21 02:34:19 CEST 2004

The def i call in the last line of the code starting with elif menu_choice 
==2 is:

 def tilfoej_stud(navn,aarskortnummer,stud,adresse):
    navn[aarskortnummer] = stud


"Peter Jensen" <peterj at> wrote in message 
news:414f740c$0$13806$ba624c82 at
> Hi all.
> I been playing around with this program, that lets you enter a student 
> name, his studentcard numner and his address. You can then change the 
> data, save it as a file, and load it again. All works except one tiny 
> thing.
> The error is in the: def udskriv_stud(studs):
> def udskriv_stud(studs):
>    print "De studerende i gruppen er:"
>    for x in studs.keys():
>        print "Navn: ",x," \tAarskortnummer: ", studs[x], "\tAdresse:" 
> ,adresse, #<--- Here is the error
>        print ""
>    print
> When I enter more than one student the new address will overwrite the old 
> one. So that when I print all the students in the file out, they will all 
> have the address that I entered for the last student.
> The code where I use the def udskriv_stud(studs): is
> elif menu_choice == 2:
>        print "Indtast navn og aarskortnummer:"
>        navn = raw_input("Navn:")
>        aarskortnummer = raw_input("Aarskortnummer:")
>        adresse = raw_input("Adresse:")
>        tilfoej_stud(phone_list,navn,aarskortnummer,adresse)
> I can see that the it just replaces the raw_input value from adresse over 
> and over again.
> Do any of you have some good suggestions.
> Thanks

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