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Wed Sep 1 05:57:53 EDT 2004

Op 2004-09-01, Roel Schroeven schreef <rschroev_nospam_ml at>:
> Antoon Pardon wrote:
>> Op 2004-08-31, Ville Vainio schreef <ville at>:
>>>>>>>>"Antoon" == Antoon Pardon <apardon at> writes:
>>>   Antoon> The nesting reflects the structure of the algorithm. If an
>>>   Antoon> algorithm is best described by the nesting of a number of
>>>   Antoon> control structures then i don't see how you are going to
>>>   Antoon> remove that nesting.
>>>Functions and classes?
>> If you need a function or class just to avoid nesting, then IMO
>> you have only camoeflaged it. In order to understand what is
>> going on you still need to understand how the nesting of
>> a number of controls prroduce a certain result and when
>> you write a function just to avoid nesting it often enough
>> makes readablity harder.
> I disagree. I have never seen an algorithm that couldn't be neatly 
> subdivided in blocks, or where at least a block could be isolated. And 
> in my experience it always enhances the readability significantly.
Then that is fine for you and in that the case I would do the
same, but my experience is not bound by yours.

Antoon Pardon

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