function arguments

Larry Bates lbates at
Wed Sep 15 23:54:37 CEST 2004

Paul has explanation (see his response), but I
wanted to expand a little.

def foo(*args, **kwargs):
    for arg in args:
        print arg
    for key, value in kwargs.items():
        print key, value

>>> foo('a','b',x=1,y=2)
y 2
x 1


def foo(list_of_args, **kwargs):
    # Now call function with args as individual arguments
    # and keyword arguments as individual keyword
    # arguments also.
    call_other_function(*list_of_args, **kwargs)

Hope this helps,
Larry Bates

"Joe Laughlin" <Joseph.V.Laughlin at> wrote in message 
news:I43MHJ.66G at
>I want to do something like the following
> def foo(list_of_args):
>    call_other_function(arg1, arg2, arg3)
>    # Where arg1 == "x", arg2 == "y", etc.
>    # Should work with any list size
> foo(["x", "y", "z"])
> Make sense?  Need clarification?  In summary, I want to pass a list of
> arguments to a function.  The function needs to pass each argument in the
> list to a different function.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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