python is going to die! =(

Abe Mathews 59Bassman at
Mon Sep 20 00:41:31 CEST 2004

There are non-caffeinated brands out there that really do taste just
as good as the high-test.  Really.

I'll be honest, I have little experience with IDE's.  Every time I've
used one it takes me about 5 minutes to be wishing again for Emacs and
a command line to work with.  I'm not a grizzled old veteran; I'm not
as experienced as 99% of this lis,; and I'm probably not much of a
programmer - but - I find I work better with Emacs than an IDE.  So
the fact that there isn't a good IDE available isn't that big of a
deal to me.  Perhaps I don't realize what I'm missing.  Perhaps I'm
better off blissfully ignorant.

As for C# "killing" Python?  I don't think so.  There are still plenty
of folks programming in Fortran (and heck, some still in COBOL) for
crying out loud.  C is still studied, used, and taught, even though
C++ was should have supplanted it.  Maybe at some point Python will
stop being a major development language, but that doesn't mean it's
going to die.

Languages are tools, plain and simple.  You appear to have found a
tool that works better for you in the methods that you prefer to work
under.  That doesn't diminish the usefulness of someone else's
preferred tool.  Just because you like your table saw, that doesn't
mean that the usefulness of my old handsaw is diminished, it just
means we have additional options available.  Options are a GOOD thing.

Abe Mathews

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