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On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 11:40:56 -0300, Jorge Godoy <godoy at ieee.org> wrote:
> People said here we can get that with OpenOffice.org...  I'll try it
> later.  The problem is not the result -- as I think we can get those
> results with SodiPodi, Gimp and other tools in a chain or even
> alone... -- but the effort to get that result.

As far as I know, no open source tool is close to the quality that
professional tools like Adobe Acrobat can give to you. Part of the
problem is economics -- it takes a lot of money to fine tune visual
output, it takes a lot of testing with different media, and a lot of
time to get it right. Another problem is that coders alone can't do
it; you need to have people highly specialized in design theory,
visual perception theory, etc. It's a highly skilled, very well paid
staff. And last, there are patents -- lots of -- in color handling and
anti-aliasing. Adobe holds a number of such patents, as do Apple and
Microsoft, as well as many other companies.

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