Design recommendation wanted.

Istvan Albert ialbert at
Fri Sep 24 05:31:32 CEST 2004

Yannick Turgeon wrote:

> With this solution, I will get lost very soon. I feel that I would need a
> kind of State-Managing system/class that would keep track of the command

It would simplify your life if you dealt with
the problems (that can be dealt with) on the spot, as they
happen. Don't use the exceptions as a mechnism to jump out of a
block of code. This is so much easier to follow:

if packet_type == ERROR1: with it..
elif packet_type == ERROR2: with it ...
      c = PACKETS[packet_type](data)
   except ...: with this

You don't have to have to put your code in one try/except
block. This only depens on the nature of the response that
you want to invoke when an exeption occurs. Feel free to nest them
as needed. Keep the error and the response to it as one logical
entity as much as possible.


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