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Mon Sep 13 09:48:17 CEST 2004

David Cook wrote:

> On 2004-09-11, Demo <demobudda at> wrote:
>> What computer science concepts can I learn from Java and not from Python?
> Access control (e.g. private, public, protected).
> There's also a certain pleasure in actually getting things to work in
> somewhat like the pleasure, I imagine, of building ships in bottles.

Yes, but these bottles are tidy.

Java's inner (sub)classes let you create an object of
another class, with a reference to the current object and
some (normally small) changes.
This allows to keep the definition of the other class tidy,
because there is no need to add features that will be
used in one place only.

And you can have anonymous inner classes, too.

Have fun,

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