Can we use /MAKE inside the popen3 command?

Ruchika ruchika_khera at
Fri Sep 10 08:18:54 CEST 2004

Is it OK to use "/" or "-" characters in a string and then use that
string inside the popen3 command? I am doing the following -

os.popen3('r'"C:\Program Files\... \EVC.exe"'
r'"C:\Test\...\Test.vcp"' /MAKE "GFSDK - Win32 (WCE ARMV4) Release"

When I run this command in the Python shell, it says - "Syntax Error"
and the marker is uderneath the "-" in  "GFSDK - Win32 (WCE ARMV4)
Release". Not sure if the marker is actually pointing to specifically
"-" or the entire /MAKE "GFSDK - Win32 (WCE ARMV4) Release" string.
Anyone else came across similar problem?

Thanks for your help.


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