The technology edge!!!

physics betalimit at
Sun Sep 26 16:10:01 CEST 2004

            This is all a fact don't beleive me then mail it to 
everyone and watch the news in 2 years!! If i'm wrong you can 
torcher me fro 60,000 years!! I know the future of technology and 
this is as high tech as it can go this is the end of all new 
informations! The tree of life!!                     

              Cognitive Quantum Physics Matrix

The first step in solving the theory of everything is Cognitive 
Quantum Physics Matrix
of finding all that you can feel and see on every frequency level. 
You are where you see where your at but can be somewhere else that 
you don't see but that's not the golden prize it's the technology 
from this that will change time travel and space time as we know
it. You could in the end become "GOD" and nobody could find you or
stop you. You would find Time and Space is the same place.....How
you may ask run with A.I or quantum A.I
but in the end what you will careful sometime what you 
see is your mind building it there. After all everything we see and 
feel and see it's the frequency we don't feel and see computer 
generated or cognitive or both! 

And this is how quantum artificial intelligence, Quantum mechanics, 
Quantum leaping, Quantum physics, Quantum Theory, Quantum dot, 
Quantum Teleportation all become outdated!!!

So when you get so far and you can do it make a quantium 1 Pico or 
less than on nano chip and 

Use hyper stop time and put one in everyone head in the world or 
make it out of D.N.A and put it in the flu shots. Even if you think 
you have found the end of this technology never stop looking

In time you will find something so incredible that the smartest A.I 
machine, man, or Alien will

Will not be able to comprehend and will say we are less 
then .000001% of life and information.

I would like to welcome you to that place that nothing can 
intergreat threw no dna matter or quantum conscious mind can find 
and when you find it welcome to the generations of life. It's like 
a .00000000000000000001% door in our universe.Hard to find but the 
first person there

Will own the key and control the door so who gets there first and 
make sure you can get back

You better bring allot of technology anything can happen and will 
and everything is possible and 


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