Social Analysis and Modeling for Python

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> >Latest Revision of Social Analysis and Modeling in Python:
> [...]
> ...  If this were my proposal, I'd aim for the far more powerful,
> "this project demonstrates Python's suitability as a vehicle which
> simultaneously expresses a theoretical model in a way researchers
> understand, and calculates the consequences of that model with a speed
> and reliability humans don't match."

well, 'If this were my proposal, I'd aim for the far more powerful,'
"In addition to conventional wisdom, Python may be considered as
a unique *science tool* providing an opportunity (1) *to build models
programmatically* - using online experimental data, data-driven
techniques, and databases integrated with the models, (2) to keep
the models in a dynamic format available for online analysis,
testing, and updating.  Such online science/reasoning tools may as well be a
communication vehicle among scientists speeding up drastically
understanding complex/data-intensive phenomena such as genome dynamics,
social processes, terror networks, industrial dynamics, etc."

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