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Sat Sep 4 19:35:22 CEST 2004

Bengt Richter wrote:
> On 2 Sep 2004 06:17:05 GMT, Eric Bohlman <ebohlman at> wrote:
>>"Amanita, Love Ewe" <ladyamanita at> wrote in
>>news:1bf5bcb9.15695836 at 
>>>Sharon expects the printer within hers and actually looks.  Why will
>>>you grasp the ugly worthwhile onions before Satam does?  Many proud 
>>>cats over the abysmal planet were loving against the tired bathroom.  
>>This seems to be of somewhat better quality than the output of the typical 
>>random-text generator.  Can anyone suggest something on CPAN useful for 
>         Clearly, the speaker-hearer's linguistic intuition suffices
> Regards,
> Bengt Richter

wow! my litle chomsky :)

Robin Becker

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