Python GUI, which one?

Neuruss luismg at
Sat Sep 25 04:48:28 CEST 2004

I only know 3:

1) Boa Contructor
2) PythonCard
3) BlackAdder (commercial)

Boa seems to be the more complete and popular, but I found it very
cluttered and confusing. I confess I'm a little bit impatient so
perhaps I should have tried harder...other people think it's great.

Pythoncard is a joy to work with. Very easy to learn and use, very
simple (it sticks to the KISS principle). I highly recommend it,
although it may not be as complete as Boa.

These two are based in wxPython, so they are cross-platform and both
will give your apps a native look and feel.

As for BlackAdder, it is commercial and is based in QT. It doesn't
give you a native look in windows but it's ok anyway. I can't say much
because the trial version has a very annoying way of working (it
doesn't let you save your work and it closes every few minutes, so you
never get anything done with it...).

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