python is going to die! =(

Heiko Wundram heikowu at
Mon Sep 20 11:57:47 CEST 2004

Am Montag, 20. September 2004 05:17 schrieb Hans Nowak:
> julio wrote:
> > -- C # is killing python, first the gnome guys dont know what to choose
> > for their core system development , if mono-C # ? or java ? the only
> > reason C # hasnt being choosen is because of legal issues, and java? well
> > it realy sucks so no surprise , but is considered just because eclipse
> > wich is the most kick ass ide ever. AND they dont even consider python
> > for a high level language to choose!!
> If they're choosing between Java and C#, they were obviously not interested
> in high-level languages.  Also, the article you mention in another post
> (,39020384,39166682,00.htm)
> says:
> """Waugh conceded that the decision to move to a higher level programming
> language is partly a political one. Two major corporate backers of the
> GNOME project have competing technologies -- Novell with the Mono project
> and Sun Microsystems with Java."""

"In the meantime a lot of software has been written in Python," he said. "But, 
as yet we have not written anything in the official GNOME release in a 
language other than C. We have included bindings for Java, so you can use the 
GNOME libraries directly from Java which means you don't have to use that 
awful Swing. We also have C++, Perl and Python bindings. All are supported we 
just haven't committed to any of them yet for core GNOME modules."

(from just that same article you quoted)

I wonder what this comment means? Python is mentioned as the first language by 
GNOME's head maintainer, so I guess he can't be all that Python-hostile, can 
he? Much rather, he's forced to do a political decision, and the PSF doesn't 
fund GNOME yet, I hope. I wouldn't mind them funding KDE e.V., though... Let 
the flamewars begin. ;)


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