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>Morten Reistad <firstname at lastname.pr1v.n0> writes:
>> I do not agree. Kennedy and  Clinton had a lousy foreign-policy
>> record. The Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, the Cuba crisis were all 
>> examples of glorious miscalculations. Ditto Rwanda, Somalia, and
>> the 
>Vietnam was certainly a catastrophe, but the blame goes to Johnson,
>not Kennedy.  There were only a few thousand U.S. troops in training
>and advisory roles in Vietnam by Kennedy's assassination.  Johnson
>decided to escalate the war and have U.S. forces fight directly.
>Even the best presidents can't have nothing but successes.  The Bay of
>Pigs was a failure, but at least Kennedy didn't compound the mistake
>by sending in U.S. troops where Cuban expats failed.
I didn't get the reference to the "Cuba crisis", either. I assume it
refers to the missile crisis (which kept me in Oakland for a week
while the Army decided which country to send us to.) I thought it was
the Cubans and Russians who miscalculated that one.

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