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Tue Sep 28 11:58:22 EDT 2004

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> Dear user python-list at,
> Your e-mail account was used to send a large amount of junk email
> during this week.
> Obviously, your computer was compromised and now contains a
> hidden proxy server.
> We recommend that you follow instruction in order to keep your
> computer safe.

My computer's been compromised?  Nonsense - it's strictly ones and zeroes
here.  No grey areas.  No hint of a compromise of any sort, even if I ask
nicely.  Anyway, I'm more concerned about your advice to "follow
instruction".  What instruction?  Do you mean the offerings of those ladies
who advertise their services in phone boxes... you know, "discipline" or
"correction for naughty boys"?  I'm sorry; I may be British but I don't go
in for that.  Or perhaps, by "instruction", you mean that I should find any
set of instructions handy.  I have some here for putting up Ikea shelving...
let's try that...

yours impertinently

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