ThreadingUDPSocketServer drop/reject?

James R. Saker Jr. jsaker at
Wed Sep 22 14:38:40 CEST 2004

Been digging into this one in Python docs and Beazley's Essential
Reference but I must be missing something. I need a UDP server for my
syslog collector app (preferably threaded for concurrency) to drop or
reject UDP client requests based on source IP validation. Most of the
google results I've seen show either authentication via upper layer
protocol (e.g. TLS, which won't work for old syslog devices) or refer to
using xinetd, /etc/hosts.allow external configurations (which puts
control elsewhere and a bit further from my little app).

Following ThreadingUDPServer's class inheritance up to BaseServer, I
would believe I'd need to override get_request() with a method that
evaluates the source IP (e.g. vs. a list[] ) and if address not in list,
then close_request(). 

Any thoughts on the approach here? 


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