See exactly what a function has returned

Brad Tilley bradtilley at
Wed Sep 15 20:30:06 CEST 2004

Roy Smith wrote:
> In article <ci9tfk$71t$1 at>,
>  Brad Tilley <bradtilley at> wrote:
>>Is there an easier way to do this:
>>def print_whats_returned(function):
>>     print function
>>     print type(function)
> In the general case, this is not possible.  A function can return 
> different things at different times.  Consider the following function:
> def getSomething ():
>    if random.random () < 0.5:
>       return 42
>    else:
>       return "fourty-two"
> so what type would you say this returns?

Depends on what randon.random came up with. Either way, we'd know what 
the function returned and what type it was... and that's all I want to know.

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