HappyDoc not so happy?

Nikos Kouremenos nkour at freemail.gr
Sun Sep 26 17:54:47 EDT 2004

Dan Perl wrote:
> Does anyone know what is happening with HappyDoc?  I downloaded the latest
> release (3.0 from April, 2003) but it cannot even be installed (there is a
> bug report for that already).  Is anyone still working on it?
> What other similar tools for extracting documentation would you recommend?
> I find pydoc extremely rudimentary and I am using epydoc instead.  However,
> I found a bug in epydoc that's a big thorn in my side (although it's a great
> tool otherwise) so I am looking for alternatives.  I tried an older release
> of HappyDoc (2.1) but I'm not "happy" with it either and I find it
> definitely worse than epydoc.
> What is Zope using these days?  HappyDoc advertises that it is used by Zope,
> but that's probably an old reference.  I also found a reference to a ZAPIDOC
> project in Zope, but that seems to be dead too. 

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