Recommendations about xmltramp

djw dwelch91 at
Sat Sep 18 04:08:07 CEST 2004

Jonas Hei wrote:
> I'd like to get experts' opinion about
> xmltramp (
> I am still in early stages of exploration - I need to
>  determine to process XML in my next project.
> Currently I like ElementTree (@ and xmltramp.
> But I am bit concerned about Mark Pilgrim's comments about
> xmltree(
> Can anyone elaborate/explain about scenarios in which xmltramp can 
> corrupt  data?
> Or was it all just a joke...

The PyRXP parser ( lets you access 
XML in a way similar to xmltree using the TagWrapper class in 
xmlutils.xml. I've used it and it has worked very well (its also very fast).


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