New Programmer and Python

Sheldon Plankton sheldonplankton at
Sun Sep 19 06:57:40 CEST 2004

Hi PMD96,

I had to learn Perl once.  A co-worker suggested that I take a look at I did and wow! I became a Perl guru.  I
changed jobs and at this new job they use Python.  I think Python is
great but there is no pythonmonks ... well until now ... I am starting
a sight called,
right now I run it off my desktop at home so check it out at

Thanks for you support!

"PMD96" <PMD96 at> wrote in message news:<_NidnfFXMMGVyNHcRVn-hg at>...
> I'm new to programming and have been recommended to start with Python.  I've 
> reviewed the tutorial and am looking for additional learning tools to learn 
> programming and Python.  Any recommendations?

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