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On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:19:26 GMT, rumours say that "Elaine Jackson"
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>"Paul Miller" <pwmiller1 at adelphia.net> wrote in message
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><snip> HTH
>It did. Thank you. I made a wrapper for this stuff that I'll include here for
>the benefit of anyone who may be following the discussion from the sidelines.
>def dialog(className):
>    from Tkinter import Tk
>    from tkFileDialog import Open,SaveAs,Directory
>    Tk().withdraw()
>    name = eval(className)().show()
>    if className=='Directory': return name
>    mode = (className=='Open' and 'r') or (className=='SaveAs' and 'w')
>    return file(name,mode)


"""eval(className)""" is generally insecure.  Another (more secure and
direct) idea would be to """import tkFileDialog""" and then use
"""getattr(tkFileDialog, className)""" instead.
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