Social Analysis and Modeling for Python

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Thu Sep 30 06:08:09 CEST 2004

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>Latest Revision of Social Analysis and Modeling in Python:

Recognition of SimPy greatly comforts me.

Is your thesis that OOP is good for social sciences in contrast to other
sciences, or as with other sciences?  If the latter--as I believe--than you
need to alert readers to Python's existing record of success in serving the
sciences (see, for example, the recent SciPy Conference).

I don't like formulations such as "one-to-one correlation between their
theoretical model and the Python equivalent."  It says both too little and 
too much.  If this were my proposal, I'd aim for the far more powerful,
"this project demonstrates Python's suitability as a vehicle which
simultaneously expresses a theoretical model in a way researchers
understand, and calculates the consequences of that model with a speed
and reliability humans don't match."

Do you realize how ambitious your "Proposal Specifics" sound?  How many
hours do you estimate these seven achievements will require?  What are
the "loadings" of your Project Manager and Chief Consultant?

For you, is "theoretical economics" inherently and comprehensively
Marxian, or are you claiming expertise only in that part of it which is

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