Communication between remote scripts

ChrisH secun at
Tue Sep 14 21:10:40 CEST 2004

Thanks for the info. I've actually been looking at Pyro as a possible 
solution. In some ways however, it seems a lot more powerful than what I 
need for this project. 

Could you give a simple example of how a two programs can "talk" to one 
another? I don't think I really need RPCs in this case.

In article <41471f73$0$10528$e4fe514c at>, irmen at -NOSPAM- says...
> ChrisH wrote:
> > Am I correct in saying that remote objects are not really needed for 
> > this?
> [...]
> >>I would like to create a second program on a remote Windows computer 
> >>that receives an update from program A periodically (maybe every 10 
> >>minutes or so), and tells it everything is running without a problem.
> >>
> >>Can anyone recommend a good (and preferably simple) way for two programs 
> >>to communicate on a network? 
> Perhaps remote objects are a bit overkill for your specific problem.
> But then again, Pyro for instance ( essentially removes
> the need for any network code in your app, and takes care of various
> other nasty things that happen at the network level.
> So unless you choose to use Pyro or some other high level API,
> you will have to deal with all this yourself-- and that may be
> more work than you think...
> --Irmen
> >>

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