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>> On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:13:56 +0200, Morten Reistad
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>> >>However Bush is demonstrably poor.  He ignored the warnings from
>> >>the CIA, FBI, outgoing Clinton administration about imminent
>> >>attacks.  He was focused on attacking Saddam and Iraq from the
>> >>first, and perverted 9/11 into that at the earliest opportunity.
>> >>He has offended many more than most of his predecessors.  I will
>> >>say that he seems to have learned the names of some foreign
>> >>leaders since being elected.
>> >
>> >Bush has had an agenda all right; but I don't quite get what it is.
>> >
>> And, of course, entertaining the possibility that his agenda is just
>> what he says it is, is completely out of the question.
>Not out of the question, be obviously untrue.
>"We must invade Iraq to remove the threat of a madman with WMD"
>--> Inspectors were inside Iraq looking already.
>--> N. Korea was boasting about its nuclear program and firing
>    test missles all over the place.
>--> Not a stick of said WMD has been found since invading.
>"We must save the Iraqi people from a ruthless dictator"
>--> since Hussein is just one of scores of such monsters and Iraq
>    was the country chosen, this can not be the reason.
>"We must fight terrorism"
>--> The hunt for Osama, known to be NOT IN Iraq was practically dropped
>    to invade Iraq.
>--> Everyone outside of the Fox news network knows there was never any
>    link from Iraq to Osama.
>--> Terrorism is now a big problem in Iraq where it was not before.
My, you are behind the times. Sorry, I'm not going to rehash all this
stuff now. It's been done too many times. Check the archives.

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