How to actually write a program?

Neil Benn benn at
Mon Sep 6 10:04:35 CEST 2004

Nick Evans wrote:

>Hello there,
>I have been on and off learning to code (with python being the second
>language I have worked on after a bit of BASIC). What I really want to know
>is, if you are going to actually write a program or a project of some sort,
>how do you actually start.

          It's good that you are thinking of this rather than just 
trying to manically write some code to see what happens.  As a general 
point, there is a system that you can use to help you model out your 
program (taught to most computer science students).  This system is 
called UML (Unified Modeling Language) - I would advise getting a good 
book about UML and reading through that.  It's is complementary to the 
XP (Extreme Programming) stuff that people are talking about.

    However, be aware that some of the concepts assumed in UML don't mix 
too well to the 'Pythonic' way of doing things.  If you want to have a 
try writing some UML here are two systems you can get - there are others 
- (I can't remember the links off the top of my head) they are an 
OpenSource system called 'ArgoUML' or the community edition of 
'Together' from Borland.  Personally I prefer Together.




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