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SM Ryan wyrmwif at tango-sierra-oscar-foxtrot-tango.fake.org
Tue Sep 14 04:50:41 CEST 2004

# It may actually have worked with Libya; who consiquosly have changed
# sides to want friendly terms with the west, and is making a serious 
# effort to reform. They also had far more WMD's in the pipeline than 
# Saddam probably ever had. THAT was a surprise.

Libya has been changing for a long time. As Qaddify ages and hears the
flutterring wings of the Angel of Death, he has evolved from fiery
revolutionary sending out terrorists from the safety of his bunker,
to a fledging statesman organising a peaceful and orderly Africa. Libya's
biological and chemical warfare research was too expensive with too
little return, so it was being shut down anyway due to finances. He wants
all embargos ended, trade fully resumed, his people happy enough to
stop trying to kill him, and to go down in history books as a great

It's been going along for a long time. I doubt it was less about fear
of an attack, and more about political opportunism in both Libya and
the USA.

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