Emacs + python (Was Re: python is going to die! =()

Ian J Cottee ian at cottee.org
Mon Sep 27 19:29:25 CEST 2004

Chris Green wrote:
> Andrew Dalke <adalke at mindspring.com> writes:
> http://cedet.sourceforge.net/semantic.shtml is a project working on
> the backend parsing to be able to be at the point where that context
> sensitive dynamic completions can happen ( well, as well as they could
> in python ).

And don't forget the excellent Emacs Code Browser - 
http://ecb.sourceforge.net, which utilises cedet. From the web page:

"ECB stands for "Emacs Code Browser". While Emacs already has good 
editing  support for many modes, its browsing support is somewhat 
lacking. That's where ECB comes in: it displays a number of 
informational windows that allow for easy source code navigation and 

Works great with Python


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