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Jeff Epler jepler at
Tue Sep 21 09:23:54 EDT 2004

That's all very nice, but is it keystroke compatible with vim (including
the obscure stuff)?  Will it run in a terminal?  Does it meet the DFSG,
or any other important definition of "free software" or "open source
software"?  How are the memory footprint and startup time?  Emacs users
may raise many of the same objections.

I'm sure there are lots of things you really love in this IDE, and maybe
things I would not mind having in my current editor, but quite frankly
all these stupid closed-source GUI programs which force me to re-learn
the task of editing files don't interest me one bit.

I'm very happy that others have access to their "IDE"s, and I try to
keep silent when IDE debates rage.  So please stop suggesting that vi
and emacs users should change and just let me keep writing programs the
way I have for the last 10 years, because I'm quite happy with it.

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