TKinter + display of a shell command return

Yann.K yk.suse at
Wed Sep 8 21:11:05 CEST 2004

Eric Brunel wrote:

> What is your problem here? Inserting at the end of the text and call the
> see method on the text widget to make sure the last line is displayed
> should be enough. An update_idletasks may also be needed to actually
> display something, but it depends on the architecture of your script,
> typically on whether you use threads or not.
Yes, really it run great but no as i would!
For long process, the display wait the end of the script execution to
display all the lines of the mesage.

I would that the lines appears as soon as the shell putt the message.
So; if the treatment is very long (ie 10 min), the line of the message
appears every second (in fact h*just when they are forwarder from the

I would display the shell return like an "tail -f syslog" command on
I hope to be clearer...

Thanks for your help,


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