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Wed Sep 29 02:28:04 CEST 2004

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> Jeremy!
> Sure it would be nice if a the interpreter would give a warning before
> really instantiating the instance of class foo (at least in "debug" mode).
> In my case the error happened after the program ran about 30 minutes. I do
> not think this is impossible.

If not thinking something impossible actually made it possible then it 
would be possible for me to ignore this thread rather than responding to it.

Next you'll be asking us to modify the compiler so it produces an error 
if someone feeds it a program that never terminates.

If your program ran for 30 minutes before this quite-obvious bug 
appeared then I should suggest you do some serious reading on the 
subjects of unit-testing and test-first programming.

Alternatively, look for a language with DWIM-mode :-)


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