Using Python to generate code?

Albert Hofkamp hat at
Thu Sep 9 17:31:00 CEST 2004

On 9 Sep 2004 07:09:10 -0700, Tran Tuan Anh <anhtt at> wrote:
> - I'm familar with Java, C, C++, and Pascal, some experiences with
> SML. Could you elaborate about some Python's string-manipulation
> features?

I can never beat the online documentation:, click 'Module index', click 'strings'.

I don't know where the string template thingies are described, but it
has to be there somewhere.

> - So now imagine if I have to convince my supervisor, an
> theoretic-non-progammer, about switching to Python for this code
> generator program, what kind of advantages I can get from doing so?

Same: look in the 'Documentation links', in particular
the 'introductions to python'. There is a section of links to convince
those that control what we do (they think :-) ).

[ python documentation is awesome, very complete and very good. Browse
  the website for answers to just about any question.

Unlike popular belief, the .doc format is not an open publically available format.

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