Larry Wall & Cults

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Fri Sep 3 06:06:39 CEST 2004

xah at (Xah Lee) wrote in message news:<7fe97cc4.0408251356.34f2102a at>...
> In the computing world, there're also bad seeds with
> colorful creed taking innocent mobs forming cults.
> The three principal virtues of a programmer are Laziness,
> Impatience, and Hubris. Yes?
> How can we prevent heinous cults then? Stop bending
> truths.  Education and rationalism. I'm starting my
> own cult to exterminate morons on this earth.  Two
> things are on the top of my agenda: Unixism and Perl.

   You know... the original poster has a point...

   After all, Perl programmers have been known to "use Curses", as
well as hex(), bless(), and sin().  (Which might lead him to believe
that Perl programmers will eventually pack() their belongings, split()
from their families , and join an isolated community where there is
nothing to do but study() until you die() (or your mind goes

   Coincidence?  (I think so!)

   (Wow... Python advocacy has really taken a bizarre turn lately...)

   -- J.

(My apologies if I offended any Python programmers.  It was not my
intention to associate the Python community with the original poster.)

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