Instruction at "0x00FC3D70" use memory address "0x00000000". Can't be "read".

Askari askari at
Wed Sep 1 15:15:14 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in
news:KaCdnQsNs7tuXKjcRVn-vA at 

> Askari wrote:
>> Yesterday, ALL code in python work and nothing when I close(finish) a
>> code. Today, when I close, some raise this windows error :
>> Instruction at "0x00FC3D70" use memory address "0x00000000". Can't be
>> "read".
>> Click on "OK" to exit program.
>> Why this error, today and not before today?
> Does it do this after you reboot the computer?  (You're
> using Windows, right?)
> -Peter

The error (always the same error "0x00FC3D70") is always on the same codes 
(and no change after reboot computer). And the some code with no "exit 
error", haven't all the same architecture (some with "while 1 ... and a 
sleep" and some with ".mainloop")).

When I reboot, no fix.  :-(   
(is the first action that I do for fix this...)

Ops..I forgot to give my specifics :
Os     : Windows XP Pro (service pack 1)
Python : 2.3.4
RAM    : 1 Gig (Dual RAM at 400 Mhz)
Proc.  : 2,8 GHz (Pentium 4)
Disk   : over 100 Gigs on hard disk....


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