New to Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Sep 22 21:05:52 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> You might also say it's for the benefit of many of the old-timers
> who are here, providing the answers.  Any such who *haven't*
> taken the time to read it, 10000 words or not, should do so
> at the earliest opportunity.  It isn't perfect, but it could
> well save you some time, embarrassment, or a public whipping.

And as an additional incentive, I point you to the section
near the end on "How To Answer Questions in a Helpful Way":

Everyone who thought this essay was only about *asking* questions
should read that, then go back and read the rest of it anyway. :-)

(And it's only 9957 or so words, not an ominous-sounding 10000!)


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