[OT] "Pre-announcement" of Python-based "computing appliance" project.

Richard Hanson me at privacy.net
Fri Sep 24 08:01:13 CEST 2004

[Top-posting rearranged -- it helps me to follow the flow; I'm an old
guy... :-) ]

David Lees wrote:

> Richard Hanson wrote:
> > (I've already thought of Doors... -- doors are more useful than
> > windows, aren't they? ;-) )
> You might want to skip doors.  There is already an overly complex 
> requirements tool by that name:
> http://www.telelogic.com/products/doorsers/doors/index.cfm

Interesting. You're quite right, though; that's the opposite way I'm
a'heading. "Simple is better than complex," and all.

Although... uhh... I *was* typing with my tongue firmly planted in my
cheek in my line you quoted, above. Perhaps the recent "naming
threads" for another project should have alerted me to be more obvious
that I was merely kidding about "Doors"  -- sorry about that! (Why
peer through murky Windows when you can walk through wide-open
Doors?... ;-) )

[Nota bene: There's a "winky" after that last line, immediately above,
too. :-) ]

In any event, before this thread gets *too* out of hand with names,
let me say explicitly that I'm concerned with getting the project
going -- names can come later.

Thanks very much, though!

what-*have*-I-started'ly y'rs,
Richard Hanson


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