Greenlets: where are they now???

David Pokorny davebrok at
Sun Sep 12 19:33:48 CEST 2004


A few weeks ago, I discovered Armin Rigo's greenlets and thought they were
brilliant. I'm seriously thinking about using them, and at least someone
else is

Currently, I understand that Greenlets are more-or-less hidden from the
public eye in the Stackless CVS, even though they compile and work like a
charm with regular CPython. Given all the desire for full coroutines that I
hear on Python-dev, greenlets strike me as genuine "hidden treasure." Here
is my point:

A) Why aren't greenlets being considered as a solution to coroutines? (Do
people feel that "hacking the C stack is bad" is a compelling argument? It
strikes me that any coroutine implementation in CPython will have to do

B) Will a later version of CPython support greenlets natively? (in
particular by adding the appropriate entries to PyThreadState)

C) Will greenlets ever be released? Is there a ToDo list that prevents their

D) How did he come up with a cool name like "Greenlet"?


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