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>> There is no need, nor cause, to impute Bush & Co. with
>> intrinsically evil intentions.  It is quite enough to point to
>> their lack of capability, and bull headed 'revenge for daddy'
>> propensities.  The state of the economy, unemployment, poverty
>> rate, medical care, deficit, death rate in Iraq (both of Americans
>> and Iraqis), abandonment of the Bin Laden hunt, abridgement of
>> civil liberties (as in the Patriot Act and the Gitmo gulag), poor
>> choice of companions (Halliburton and other political donors and
>> trough feeders, and the 'plausible deniability' of the Swiftboat
>> gang), irritation of allies, inability to deal with North Korea
>> (due to involvement with useless adventures), abandonment of
>> efforts towards a Palestinian peace, all spring to immediate mind.
> Well, your Bush-hater campaign is working beyond all your
> expectations.  One day, you will have to live it.

But the point is that most people neither love nor hate Bush. 
They hate his misguided and thoughtless actions.  The comics love
him, as he provides so many ridiculous quotes.  The wealthy love
him, as he transfers taxes from them to the middle class and the
poor.  Bin Laden loves him, as he provides manna for his rabble
rousing.  The NRA loves him, as he blocks any renewal of gun
laws.  Halliburton loves him.

>> Yes, we have had no experience with a Kerry administration,
> OH, fuckmeverymuch.  I am in Mass.  We do have some
> experience of a Kerry administration.  For those you who don't,
> watch how he runs his campaign.  He will run the country in the
> same manner.

No, you have experience of a Senate career.  The famous war votes
show that he is responsible, since he voted for a bill that
provided for financing, and against a modified bill that simply
ran up the deficit.  At the time very few knew that the alleged
Sadamian sins were largely pipe dreams, that the hunt for the 9/11
perpetrators was to be discarded, and that no preparation for the
results was to be made.  His major error was in placing some trust
in the Bush administration.  The post Viet Nam episodes show that
he has a functioning conscience.  Some people learn from their

Bush is a much different thing.  With him you had experience of a
Governorship in a state that almost totally emasculates the power
of a Governor, apart from the ability to sign death warrants and
deny mercy.  We have seen the ugly result of giving him some
power, as I partially enumerated above.

>> .. but we
>> have had far too much experience with a Bush administration.
... snip adhominem garbage ...
> Things can be worse..a lot worse.

True. But those candidates aren't running for President this time.

"Churchill and Bush can both be considered wartime leaders, just
 as Secretariat and Mr Ed were both horses." -     James Rhodes.
"We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad
 morals.  We now know that it is bad economics" -         FDR

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