Question: tools for business apps development

Ksenia Marasanova ksenia at
Thu Sep 9 12:25:49 CEST 2004

Op 9-sep-04 om 5:57 heeft Carlos Ribeiro het volgende geschreven:
>> Suffice to say that while HTML+JavaScript can do the job,
>> in principle, in practice it falls short and Flash is
>> potentially a much more effective solution, at least for
>> now and the near future.
> I understand that some people really like Flash. It's nifty and
> powerful. And the CSS+HTML+JavaScript combination is slow, tricky,
> confusing, complex, etc. -- it's just asking for a redesign, but there
> is way too much code written for it to happen in any dramatic fashion.
> However, Flash is not an open standard, and that's a big problem. Who
> can guarantee that the upcoming versions of the Flash plugin will keep
> the same interface? It's a risk that you have to take into account.
Agreed, Flash is not an open standard, and this is a concern.
But I just want to remind, that if you are going to use JavaScript to 
code really responsive user interface - the big amount of this code 
will deal with non-standard  IE (and even Mozilla and other browsers) 
DOM/CSS implementations and bugs... and it can be really frustrating if 
you love standards:)

Here is a nice article about that (maybe a bit dated, but still...):


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